Hong Kong Contemporary Budget Art Fair 2013


Gallery Pos Seoul Booth 2916


Kang Jun-Suk | Ryu Ju-Young | Kim Seun-Kang | Lee So-Bal | Ahn Hye-Rim




Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong


2013. 9. 6(금) ▶ 2013. 9. 8(일)

72 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong | T.(852)-2866-2166





Kang Jun-Suk

scarf rabiit1_Acrylic on Canvas_28x28cm_2013(좌)

scarf rabiit2_Acrylic on Canvas_28x28cm_2013(우)


Kang Jun-Suk

Fantastic dreams of forests and jungles

They reveal my poetic dreams as part of a space for relaxation and rest, existing in tranquility and silence. So a clear, dim lyricism flowers as childhood memories are vividly remembered. That is why the world of fantasies coexists with delightful wit and exciting childlike innocence inspired by cartoons I saw as a child.



Ryu Ju-Young

meet the forest_Acrylic on Canvas_91x73cm_2013

meet the forest2_Acrylic on Canvas_53x73cm_2013

Ryu Ju-Young

A new encounter with a game filling everyday ------

The discovery of my inner self and narrative are made in a process of depicting daily life.My secret becomes clear through experience nobody else has had. An act of growing emotional images is a process of returning to the memory a game required (hoped), brimming with the beautiful.




Kim Seun-Kang

one's plan for a lifetime (The first time Ⅱ)_41×32cm_traditional color on korean paper_2013

journey and me_65.0x65.0cm_raditional color on korean paper_2013

Kim Seun-Kang

Standing on the border between emptying and filling

Seoun-Gang Kim's recent works radiate the unique sensibility - as a woman artist as well as the profoundness and the endeavor which Kim dedicated her times and efforts along with. In her paintings, the multilayered monochrome background is so subtle and refined that it looks like a sea floating constantly, and the various sized images on the paintings are so well-harmonized that they look like swimming in the sea, "the sea of color." I believe that the "Su-Gan" coloring technic which she practiced has related to that factor. However, the spirit is more important than the technic for artists which Kim is well aware of, and the process is as valuable as the consequence. The Kim's multilayered background tells us how deep her deliberations and how have her hard-works are.




Lee So-Bal

Home Sweet Home_43X54cm_Acrylic on Canvas_2013

the moment of love-the blue gray_43X54cm_Acrylic on Canvas_2013

Lee So-Bal

A Glasses of the Memory

-A Pair of Glasses with My Memory


My eyes remember what they saw and I believe a pair of glasses  also does.


When I drew someone's portraits, I thought it would be nice if I drew not only their appearance but their memories that their glasses remember, so I could interpret their own stories in my way. Their portraits also have each different characteristic because everyone has different memories and stories.


A pair of glasses is the medium of someone's memory. My works gave them a chance to recollect their past again.


In those memories, we play the main character of a cartoon or the sad movie and talk about romance.


For me, the media that connect me to those memories was mostly a pair of shoes and glasses. As I become a grown-up, I reversely reflect my memories to those shoes and glasses.


This time, the reflected memories in those shoes and glasses start to talk about their stories instead of our mouths. Memories have a big meaning in people's lives.

We use the verb 'wear' with shoes and glasses. In my works, I made them to wear my memories.




Ahn Hye-Rim

Vacation_23x32cm_Acrylic on Canvas_2013

fishing in vacation_33X23cm_Acrylic on Canvas_2013

Ahn Hye-Rim

vacation - Blue sky and beautiful beach, long chair waiting just for you and big red parasol. What else one can wish for a vacation? Painter Ahn's work has certain way of making viewer's be in same place the artist was at the moment of painting. As she wishes to share the happiness and serenity through all her paintings , hope you enjoy this moment.


fishing in vacation -In Pusan which painter's home town it's very easy to be seen with fishers near the pier. Painter Ahn also has many memories of fishing with her sons and husband during weekends and vacation, even she doesn't go fishing as much now a days. Painting the scene of fishing is her way of sharing and treating herself with memories.



Kang Jun-Suk

Education | 2011 Silla University

Solo Exhibitions | 2012 | Empty House, Gallery Golmok | Empty House, Space Harbour H | Fantastic dreams of forests and jungles, Shade Tree Gallery, Yeongdeungpo

Group Exhibitions | 2013 | Flat Take #1 Art Fair | Envy My Home, Gallery We | Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin May Exhibition, Café Lob | 2012 | Art Toys, Delitoys | Face to Face, Kim’s Art Field Art Museum | Butterfly Dream, Four-man Exhibition, Gallery Bluehole | Communication and Flow, Seoul Art Center Gongpyeong Gallery | 2011 | Warm Pictures, Gallery Golmok | Young Artist’s New Leap, Won Gallery | The Secret Garden, Dancing Cats, Four-man exhibition, Hanwon Museum of Art | 2010 | Post Room, Banana Long Gallery | The Fantastic World, Two-man exhibition, Art Mediate Space Ssam | The Exit, Eight new rising artists exhibition, Doosan Zenith Gallery | Dream Space, Four-man exhibition, Geumryeonsan Gallery | 2008 | 絵ハガキ Exhibition, Japanese artist group postcard exhibition | Interview with and cover full- page painting for Voila No.61 | Moontan Road, open-air installation | Come back to Busan Port, Art in Busan 2008, Busan Museum of Art


Ryu Ju-Young

Solo Exhibition | 2013 Green Island Holic, Gallery POS

Group Exhibitions | 2012 Suspicious Taste, and the Gaze, Space Harbour H | Butterfly Dream, Four-man Exhibition, Gallery Bluehole | Interview with and cover full- page painting for Voila No.92 | 2010 | Walking Forest Path, Banana Long Gallery | The Fantastic World, Two-man exhibition, Art Mediate Space Ssam | 2009 | Extroversion, Banana Long Gallery | 2008 | Red Popsicle Open Studio


Kim Seun-Kang

1967 Born in Jeonju, Korea | 1993 MFA in Korean painting, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea | 1990 BFA in Korean painting, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea | 2012 ph. D. Program, majoring korean painting, Chonbuk University, Jeonju, Korea

Solo Exhibitions & Art Fairs | 2012 | Solo Exhibition, Jeonbuk provincial government B.D project gallery, space planning support, Jeonju, Korea | 2012 | Solo Exhibition, The K Gallery invitation, The K Gallery, Seoul, Korea | 2011 | Solo Exhibition, Jeonju independent cinema project gallery, space planning support ,JIFF gallery, Jeonju, Korea | 2010 |  Solo Exhibition, Seonshin Gallery, space planning support, Jeonju, Korea | 2010 | Art Value Art Fair, Hangaram Art Museum,Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea | 2008 | Jeonbuk Art Fair, Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju, Korea | 2007 | Art Seoul Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea | 2006 | NAAF, West Japan General Exhibition Center, Kitakyushu, Japan | 2006 | Solo Exhibition, Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju, Korea | 2005 | Sigong Booth Exhibition, Danwon Gallery, Ansan, Korea | 1992 | Solo Exhibition, Hong Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Art Fair | 2011 | Asia Top Gallery Hotel  Art Fair Hong Kong 11(Mandarin Oriental,Hong Kong | Seoul Art Festival Hotel Art Fair(J.W. Marriot Hotel, seoul)

Exhibitions | 1997-2011 | Sigong, Dong-Duk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea | 1997-2010 | Yeo-Baik, Gallery IS, Seoul | 2007-2011 | Annual Exhibition of Korea Fine Arts Association, Education Culture Center, Jeonju, Korea | 2012 | light of korean Art Exhibition, Gong-Pye Art Center, Seoul, Korea | Winter wonderland, Exhibition, Gallery Sky yeon, Seoul, Korea | view of Jeonbuk Art Exhibition, Hwimok Art Museum, Buan, Korea | Seonshin Gallery invitation, A self portrait Exhibition Jeonju, Korea | episode Gallery invitation, tiny canvas  Exhibition, Jeonju, Korea | The 3rd Tracing the Identity of Korean painting of Jeonju, Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju, Korea | The 24rd Tracing the Identity of Korean painting _light of thousand years Gangneung art museum, Korea | The 16th Hongik woman korean painting Exhibition, Insa Art center, seoul, korea | The 5th Art work regularly Exhibition, Hwimok Art Museum, Buan, Korea | The 17th Annual Exhibition of Jeonju Fine Arts Association,Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju, Korea | Global Art Gallery opening commemorative invitation Exhibition, Global Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea | Korean woman young Artists invitation Exhibition, Gong-Pye Art Center, Seoul, Korea | Geonji korean painting regularly Exhibition, JIFF project gallery, Jeonju korea | Jeonju fan cultural center support-The old year out and the new year in Exhibition, Jeonju korea | 2011 | 2nd Grow out Exhibition(The K Gallery,Seoul, Korea) | Korea,China International Modern Arts Exhibition(Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju, Korea | Korea,China  Modern Arts Exhibition(Seoul Art Center, Seoul,Korea) | The2rd Tracing the ldentity of Korean Painting jeonju Exhibition(Jeonbuk Art  Center, Jeonju,  Korea) | The23rd Tracing the ldentity of Korean Painting(대구Art Center,대구) | 2010 | Dream of Jeonju, Jeonbuk Art Center | Korea Art Festival,Clture Center of Ilsan | -one painting at every House project Exhibition | -special Exhibition of the board of Korean fine arts assdcication | 2nd Grow out Exhibition Seoul, Korea | Neorenaissance of Korean Contemporary Art, Gong-Pye Art Center, Seoul, Korea | Homogeneity of Korean Painting, Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea | Identity of Korean Painting of Jeonju, Jeonbuk Art Center, Jeonju, Korea | "Pictures rather than flowers," Kyung Won Art Hall, Jeonju, Korea | A Fan, Kyung Won Art Hall, Jeonju, Korea | Propose, Gallery Gak, Seoul, Korea | Hong-Ik Female Korean Painting Artists' Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea | Yeo-Baik: a summer trip, Topo House, Seoul, Korea | Korean Traditional Painting Festival, Culture Center of Ulsan & Culture Center of Daejeon, Korea | 2009 | The Vision & Possibility of Jeonjuk Art, Lamer Gallery, Seoul, Korea | Peace of Africa, Korea Art Museum, Seoul, Korea | Hongik Modern Art, Jirisan Spa Land Gallery, Korea | Golden Eyes, COEX, Seoul, Korea | DAN, Gallery Gak, Seoul, Korea | Golden Eyes 2009, Gallery Liminarie, Seoul, Korea | Johnta Culb Bazaar Exhibition, Gong-Pye Art Center, Seoul, Korea | 2008 | Complimentary Exhibition of "Light of Korean Art", Milan Art Center, Milan, Italy & Korea | 2007 | Hong-Ik University Alumni Exhibition, Saejong Art Center, Seoul, Korea | Annual Exhibition of Jeonbuk Fine Arts Association, Jeonjubuk Art Space, Kunsan, Korea | Seoul Metro Vision, Seoul Metro Art Museum, Seoul, Korea | 2006 |  Plus Formative Art, Provincial Art Center of Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju, Korea | and more numerous group exhibitions

Collections | Jeonbuk provincial office | Private collections

Awards/ Prizes | 2011 | Selected Prize,the 12th Korea Woman Korea Exhibition, Korea Gallery | 2010 | Special Prize, the 24th Korean Fine Art Grand Exhibition, Korea Gallery | 2009 | Special Prize, the 23th Korean Fine Art Grand Exhibition, Korea Gallery | 2008 | Special Prize, the 22th Korean Fine Art Grand Exhibition, Korea Gallery | 2007 | Special Prize, the 21th Korean Fine Art Grand Exhibition, Korea Gallery | 1993 | Selected Prize, the 12th Korea Fine Art Awards, National Museum of Contemporary Art of Korea

Membership | Association of Yeo-Baik | Associtaion of Si-Gong | Association of Identities | Korean Fine Art Association

Employmentss | Lecturer, Jeonju Fine Arts Middle School, Jeonju, Korea | Lecturer, Korean High School of Cultural Heritage, Jeonju, Korea

Publication | "The study of Color Painting in terms of Korean aesthetics - centered on my works." 1993


Lee So-Bal

Education | 2005_2010 | Hongik university in seoul | 2011 | Hongik graduate school       

Solo Exhibition | 2013 | for marry couples, Scalatium, Seoul | 2012 | Project of seoul  culure forrest _ shoes of sobal, Garden five, Seoul | 2012 | For my essay’s drawing.  Anthracite , Seoul | 2011 | Illustration with coffee. No PD’s caffe, Seoul | 2011 | Publish essay in South korea_ "travel for me", on my drawing essay | 2009 | The first spring, Thanks nature cafe, Seoul

Group Exhibition | 2013 | Dispense Korea, Space womb, New york | 2012 | pleasure of drawing, gallery of Hanwon, Seoul | 2011 | love 140 , Insa Art Center, Seoul | 2011 | Articon (for new artist), Seoul Art Center. Seoul | 2009 | Asiaf , seoul | 2009 | Young Artist, Gallery gac Seoul | 2008 | korea and japan’s conection exhibition, Japan | 2008 | d-project, Gellery bim, Seoul


Ahn Hye-Rim

1950 | BORN IN BUSAN, KOREA | GRADUATE IN KYUNGNAM GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL, BUSAN, KOREA | GRADUATE IN KYUNGHEE UNIVERSITY, SEOUL, KOREA | STUDY AT MODERN ART SCHOOL OF KYUNGSEONG UNIVERSITY IN BUSAN, KOREA | 1997 | PAINTING ART ACTIVITY IN CALIFORNIA, PALM SPRING, ART-TOWN | 2000 | JOINT-ART WORKS WITH MR. ROSEME, AMERICAN ARTIST IN CALIFORNIA | 2001 | SOLO EXHIBITION AT PARADISE HOTEL GALLERY, BUSAN KOREA | 2002 | CYBER EXHIBITION AT GANA ART GALLERY | 2005 | SOLO EXHIBITION IN NOAM GALLERY, SEOUL, KOREA | JOINT EXHIBITION AT PICCASO GALLERY, BUSAN, KOREA | SOLO EXHIBITION AT MON'T MARTRE GALLERY JULY 2 – 10 IN BUSAN KOREA | SOLO EXHIBITION AT PARADISE HOTEL JEJU GALLERY JULY 25 - AUG 5 IN JEJU | 2006 | EXHIBITION AT ARTEXPO, NEW YORK, JACOB K. JAVITS CONVENTION CENTER MARCH 2 – 6 | SOLO EXHIBITION IN KIM HYUN JU GALLERY, SEOUL KOREA | SEOUL INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2006 SEOUL | 2007 | ART FIGURATIF 2007 SEOUL | SOLO EXHIBITION IN GALLERY MISO INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL IN SEOUL | EXHIBITION IN KOREA FOUNDATION CULTURAL CENTER FOR KOREA-VIETNAM CONTEMPORARY ART OFFICIAL EXCHANGE | EXHIBITION IN SHANGHAI ART FAIR | 2008 | ART FIGURATIF 2008 SEOUL | SOLO-EXHIBITION AT TOPO HOUSE IN INSADONG, SEOUL | ST-ART 2008,PARC DES EXPOSITIONS,STRASBOURG,FRANCE | WINTER WALTZ EXHIBITION, N-GALLERY, KOREA | 2009 | group exhibition in sydney global gallery | seoul international art fair in Choseon Ilbo tomorrow gallery | alto Busan centum hotel | Hyatt hotel art fair in Seoul | 2010 | solo exhibition Tamius golf club Jeju island | premier solo exhibition Jeon Hae Young gallery Busan | Korea gallery exhibition associated Busan bexco | soap exhibition in coex | group exhibition sponsored by "Financial News" | solo exhibition in KB Bank Busan "Busan Sea festival" | 2011 | shilla hotel art fair seoul | kiaf coex | Taegu art fair | Art fair Insadong "M" gallery | solo exhibition in Chongjak gakkery | 2012 | kiaf coex | miami art fair | L.A. art fair | Korea gallery fair | soaf exhibition | Busan international gallery fair ib Centum hotel | solo exhibition in Hanwon gallery seoul for children | solo exhibition in New York, Shanhai, Australia, New Zealand



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